Our Personnel

The teachers are chose with attention paid towards capabilities and their rapport with the students and the families of the school.


The teams of professors of l’École Notre-Dame du Mont Carmel is composed of 5 full-time and 3 part-time instructors, one of who is a priest.

The talented and generous teachers of this team give both of body and soul for this beautiful and noble mission confided to them.

Mr. Benoit Miousse
Principal, Senoir Instructor of the high school



Fr. Erik Deprey
Catechism Instructor, Spiritual Director



Miss Nadine Thompson
Senior Instructor of the middle grades



Miss Myriam Geraghty
Senior Instructor of the lower grades



Mrs. Marie Chantale Gilbert
Math and Science Instructor




Mrs. Roy
Pedagogy Consultant




Conférence – 2 novembre 2019

Notre-Dame du Mont Carmel School

40 Cobourg St.
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1N 8Z6

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