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L’école Notre-Dame du Mont Carmel is a Catholic French primary and secondary school situated in Ottawa.

Notre-Dame du Mont Carmel school was founded in 2007 by some parents who were concerned with transmitting a complete education to their children that integrated faith, person and intellect. This same desire motivates today the teachers, the organization and the parents who come together in order to offer a demanding and structured formation, founded upon authentic Catholic principles.

Our school has for its mission, to form souls and minds in a classical formation setting that bases itself upon a solid academic program and at the same time, a catechism that aids the teaching of the faith in the family. We desire that the faith, the integrity of the person and the mind grow in total coherence and harmony for the greatest benefit of the child who is confided to us.

Our institution, which enjoys the support of Archbishop of Ottawa, His Grace Terrence Thomas Prendergast, SJ, has the great opportunity of being accompanied by a priest who teaches catechism and assures the spiritual well-being of the students.

For the coming school year of 2020-2021, we are welcoming enrollment for kindergarten class, the primary school and the secondary school up to Grade 10. Please consult our Admission section for further details.

Class of 2019-2020

Notre-Dame du Mont Carmel school has a BDICE number with the Ministry of Education of Ontario,